screen name meaning

numcore comes from a time in high school the raver kids called me DEATH core meaning im death or something i was dressed the most "goth" i had the boots the eye line everything  so the rote word comes from NUMB and i thought it was better then Death 

end of story

CLUB SUICIDE/ girls is over rated

ok so the girls there actual made the night worth going to Xiolita  a suicide girl was doing some crazy shit... and i gusse i got lucky she put her boobs on my back of my head.. what guy wouldn't want that !!! but the crowed just killed my night... it was one of those club like look at me i have a tatoo... im so cool... blah i tryed to talk to so many different people but still  they where blah...
so i think my night went sour pretty much after that ... wow  am i really loved from hot girls??